Monday, May 22, 2017

Lacing Needles and Case...

My lacing needle case. A paracord guacho knot interweave from a different project just happened to fit the 'baby soda bottle/preform' that I keep my lacing needles in, so I've kept that on it.

I didn't want to completely cover the case with knot work because I like being able to see the needles inside...

Took out a small lacing needle to use with the spool knit lanyard, for tying a single strand star knot at one end.  

The lacing needles are also called stitching fids, in case you're searching for more info on them.  They certainly make some knot projects easier, especially with Turk's head knots and variations, monkey's fists, and where ever there's over/under weaving of the cord to be done.


As an Amazon affiliate I earn a small percentage of sales when folks go to amazon through my links and shop, and that helps pay the bills, so, 'Thanks!'.

VENOM and VENOM RED mochi drawstring backpacks with Stormdrane logo and stitched paracord handle.  I receive a percentage from the sale of each of those versions from Mochibrand.


patrick anderson said...

I watched your single star video and I'd really like one as a lanyard to hang a 50 yen coin on from by birth year. Do you make these for sale? I'd be happy to pay for your time and talent.

Kind regards,


Stormdrane said...

I rarely do custom/commission knot work on request to keep from getting burned out on my hobby and instead encourage folks to give knot work a try themselves. For those just looking to buy, there are many among the Facebook knot groups that will take on projects for a price... ;)